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Fibroma of Tendon Sheath


  • A slowly growing dense fibrous nodule attached to a tendon sheath and most often found in the hands and feet
  • May be an end-stage variant of GCTTS


  • May be reactive and not a neoplasm
  • Slow growing dense nodule firmly attached to tendon sheath, found most frequently in hands and feet, rarely > 2cm


  • Adults ages 20-50 (mean age 31)
    • 11-year-old boy with lesion involving peroneus longus tendon sheath reported
  • M:F = 1.5-3:1
  • May limit joint motion (usually occur in the hand, limiting digit ROM
  • May cause neurologic sxs
  • 71% hand/wrist, 7% foot, 6% knee
  • ± locking or catching
  • ± motion limitation
  • ± deformity
    • Toe deformity reported
  • ± skin ulceration
  • Multiplelobules have been reported
    • Case involving both palms and both soles associated with + RF titer reported
  • Associated trauma is seen in up to 10% of cases
  • Bone involvement in <2% of cases
  • MRI
    • Heterogeneous and lobulated mass with low signal intensity on both T1- and T2-weighted images
    • On T2-weighted images, lesion may be mildly heterogeneous, with a signal intensity approximately that of fat
  • Unusual locations



  • Rarely > 2cm
  • Firm, grey to white, and rubbery
  • May be attached to a tendon sheath


  • Well defined and distinctly lobulated with cleft-like spaces, scattered spindle-shaped fibroblasts, dense collagenous material, hyalinized areas
  • More cellular areas may be at the periphery of the lesion resembling BFH or nodular fasciitis
  • Special staining
  • EM: myofibroblasts(with actin-type filaments) and fibroblasts
  • Chromosomal findings
    • t(2;11)(q31-32;q12) has been reported
    • t(9;11)(p24;q13-14) has been reported



  • 0-24% recurrence reported (reexcision is treatment), usually between 1-4 months following surgery





    • Reported in a flexor tendon causing impairment of tendon excursion
      • Longitudinal tenotomy and tumor excision reported


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  • The original article describing 138 cases with their clinical and pathological features presented in 1979. The tumor occurred from 5 months to 70 years of age (median 31 years) with a 3:1 male predominance. It occurred in tendons and tendon sheaths of the fingers (49%), hands (21%), and wrist (12%). Symptoms were present from 1 week to 6 years (median 5 months).10/138 recurred once and 3/138 recurred twice. Local excision was recommended. Typical fibrocollagenous areas transitioned to more celluar areas of the tumor.

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  • A biopsy of a fibroma of tendon sheath was cultured and characterized by a t(2;11)(q31-32;q12).

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