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43 yr old male with a thigh mass

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43 yr old male with a slowly enlarging thigh mass, no history of trauma.

Soft Tissue Sarcoma

C.P. Beauchamp MD

Mayo Clinic Arizona

Date: 21-Mar-2010

Corresponding Author

Christopher Beauchamp
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  1. Oct 28, 2010

    Hi Doctor,

    Just currious , why did you give the patient upfront chemotherapy?
    Am aware of many studies that failed to prove the efficacy of presurgery chemotherapy for these patients...instead he should have be given post surgery chemotherapy...whats your opinion?

  2. Oct 28, 2010

    The patient was part of a neoadjuvant protocol (NIH MC0072 study) that involves combination chemotherapy, aerosolized GM-CSF, preoperative radiation, resection +/- intraoperative radiation or brachytherapy.  That study is now closed, the patient was treated in 2005.  We had good results in achieving significant tumor shrinkage prior to surgery, making resection easier in very large tumors.  He did not have an especially large tumor requiring this effect.  We still are using adjuvant CTX with preoperative radiation as a sensitizer to enhance the RT effect, not a systemic treatment for sarcoma.  Hope this helps.