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Gorham's Vanishing Bone Disease

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Case: Gorham's Disease

Reported by Myles Clough, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Kamloops, BC, Canada

Right-handed, middle aged dry-waller presented in 1990 with a fracture of the left wrist. Multiple procedures failed to heal the injury and the bone was reabsorbed from mid-forearm to the carpus.

In 1995 he had successful treatment with free vascularized fibular graft and fusion of the ulna to the 2nd metacarpal, accompanied by radiotherapy. In 1998, he fractured the ipsilateral ulna at the olecranon. In view of the history he was treated with open reduction and internal fixation of the fracture, electrical stimulation, infusions of pamidronate and further radiotherapy. He went on to heal and consolidate the fracture.


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Matrix-500 Device for capacitively coupled electrical stimulation. Dr.Myron MacDonald

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