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Hand and Wrist topics

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Arthritis of the Hand


Joe R incorporated


DL signs off 10/6/14; re-reviewed 1/12/15

Carpal fractures

D Bozentka signed offChirssy G inc 4/22


DL signs off 10/6/14

Carpal instability

BAMLuke M incorporated 

DL signs off 10/6/14

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

charlie L signed offChristy Soran inc 4/22

DL signs off 10/6/14

Compression neuropathies of the arm

Jonas replace 12 14JB edited 4/22; waiting C-Webb

DL signs off 10/6/14

DeQuervains disease

Blaz signs offBenjamin Laguna edited 4/21DL signs off 10/16

Disorders of the nail

Rob C replace 12 14Marten Basta inc 4/23

DL signs off 10/16

Distal radius (Colles) fractures

j ahn

Mike M


Dupuytren's Disease

LOU signs off 1 4Emily Miller JHU

 DL signs off 1/12/15

Finger and hand infections

LOU signs off 1 4C-mcauliffe

DL signs off 1/12/15

Finger sprains and dislocations

KirkW 8 comments incorporated waiting to hear if no 9 is okChristy Johnson JHU edited 4/20 DL signs off 1/12/15

Flexor tendon injury

JonasM signed off 9 14Eric Dein JHU edited 4/20

 DL signs off 1/12/15

Ganglion cysts of the hand and wrist

LWeber signed offJon Datillo JHU edited 4/20


Kienbock's disease

PedroB ??Phil Dowzicky edited 4/20 

Mallet finger and other finger extensor injuries

Rob C signed off 10 3Brent Pottenger JHU incorporated 4/19 

Medial and lateral epicondylitis of the elbow

AK signed offElimia Hermann incorporated 4/13


Metacarpal fractures

R Rhoad signed offMike Kheir incorporated 4/13 

Olecranon bursitis

VANI jan 6Venus V (Penn) incorporated 4/13 

Olecranon fractures

samir okChristine Limonte incorporated 4/13 

Phalangeal (hand) fracture

TRozMathew Winterton incorporated 4/20 
Radial Head FractureMartyB signed offBrett Shannon incorporated 4/13 

Scaphoid fractures

JennMW signed offC-mcauliffe (encore) incorporated 4/13 

TFCC injury

AnnVH signed offDerek Ju JHU incorporated 4/13 

Trigger finger

AmyL signed off 10 2Doria Gold incorporated 4/13 

Ulna shaft (and Both Bones) fractures

derek d

Stuart Mitchell JHU incorporated 4/13

Surface Anatomy of the Hand and Wrist   
Physical Examination of the Hand and Wrist