Hip fractures

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Technically, hip fractures include pelvic fractures near the hip, acetabular, femoral head, femoral neck, intertrochanteric, and subtrochanteric fractures. More often than not, the term "hip fracture" is used when describing a fracture of the intertrochanteric, femoral neck, or subtrochanteric region in an older patient.

Fractures of the femoral neck have a bimodal distribution with young patients subjected to high energy trauma and older patients sustaining low energy falls. Intertrochanteric fractures occur more often in the elderly. On average the patient with the intertrochanteric fracture is 12 years older than the patient with the femoral neck fracture. Data indicate the trocanteric fractures are more associated with osteoporosis than neck fractures. Subtrochanteric fractures also occur in young and old populations. Hip fractures are increasing rapidly due to the rise in the elderly population. Approximately 1.7 million hip fractures occur each year in the world, and is estimated to increase to 6.3 million by 2050. The cost for hip fractures worldwide is approximately $34.8 billion US. Up to 30% of hip fracture patients die during the first year; it has been estimated that only 25% of deaths following hip fractures are due to the hip fracture itself, and the remaining are due to comorbidities. Only 50% regain their prefracture functional status. Displaced intracapsular hip fractures in healthy older patients have a 40% reoperation rate.
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