How to use an article on prognosis

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Hansebout RR, Cornacchi SD, Haines T, Goldsmith CH. How to use an article about prognosis. Can J Surg 2009;52(4):328-336.


Classically, prognosis is defined as a forecast or prediction. Medically, prognosis may be defined as the prospect of recovering from injury or
disease, or a prediction or forecast of the course and outcome of a medical condition. As such, prognosis may vary according to injury, disease, age, sex, race and treatment.

A determination of the prognosis is important in any type of surgical intervention. In the present paper, we used a head injury scenario involving 3 patients. The prognostic instruments we used are specific to this clinical problem. The papers we analyzed dealt with this type of injury, and we used them as our tool. We reviewed the papers to find the components of interest, but we did not evaluate all of the components themselves. However, the principles illustrate a method of prognostication applicable to surgical cases in general.

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