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INBONE Total Ankle Replacement

The INBONE TAR is a fixed-bearing, two-component total ankle system.1,2 A special feature of this ankle design is a modular stem system for both metallic components. The tibial stem has the ability to be extended by adding more modular segments. The stem of the talar component may be short and limited to the talar body. However, in cases where subtalar fusion has to be performed or for greater stability, the talar stem may be extended across the subtalar joint.

To date, there are limited reports in the literature on clinical and radiographic outcomes in patients who received INBONE TAR.3,4 The designer of the prosthesis has performed more than 240 INBONE TARs and data have been collected in preparation for publication.5 There are also no biomechanical studies available that address the kinematics and biomechanical properties of this prosthesis design.


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  1. Dec 06, 2011

    In recent conversations with Wright Medical, it does not appear that extending the fixation of the talar component across the subtalar joint is an option.