OrthopaedicsOne Research - Collective Intelligence and Collaborative Technologies for Orthopaedic Surgery

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Collective Intelligence and Collaborative Technologies for Orthopaedic Surgery

OrthopaedicsOne Research offers collaborative technologies and social software for sharing information and creation of knowledge by members of the orthopaedic community - medical students, residents, researchers, surgeons, allied health professionals.

Harnessing Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence, although it has existed for at least as long as humans have, has recently gained growing academic interest with the publication of The Wisdom of the Crowd by James Surowiecki. The concept is that a diverse collection of independently-deciding individuals is likely to make certain types of decisions and predictions better than individuals or even experts. Surowiecki's model seeks to aggregate anonymously produced data, seeing the wisdom emerging when a large number of people each enter their own decisions without influencing each other's findings.

Recent information and communication technologies such as social software or Web 2.0 technolgoies can harness the intelligence of huge numbers of people on a much larger scale than has ever been possible before.

We have created a Collective Intelligence Platform on OrthopaedicsOne. Our goal is to evaluate collective intelligence in the context of orthopaedic surgery and develop novel tools that harness the collective intelligence of thousands of "people" around the world to help solve orthopaedic problems.

Using Collaborative Technologies

You can use the collaborative technologies on OrthopaedicsOne to manage research projects/manuscripts or any other documents that require access to a group of individuals.

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