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  • Must be distinguished from osteofibrous dysplasia (but related to it) and metastatic carcinoma
  • Variability in diagnositc criteria between osteofibrous dysplasia, osteofibrous dysplasia-like adamantinoma and classic adamantinoma has posed obstacles in defining the biology and management of these lesions


  • 87% occur in tibia (most common) and fibula, other bones include ulna, femur, humerus, small bones of hands and feet
  • Male:female = 1.3-1.7:1
  • Mean age 30-31
  • Average age: female 27, male 44 (35 overall)
    • Youngest age reported: 3 yrs
      • Abundant epithelial component with formation of keratin pearls reported in a pt aged 3 yrs
  • Dull aching pain and gradual swelling
  • Ulceration has been reported
  • Up to 13% with pathological fx
  • Unusual locations
  • Unusual presentation


  • Diaphyseal to metadiaphyseal, usually 6-7cm in length and up to a mean of 13.2 cm
    • 7/8 with moth-eaten marginsin adamantinoma
      • (5/11 with moth-eaten margins in osteofibrous dysplasia-like adamantinoma)
      • (2/5 with osteofibrous dysplasia)
  • Central or eccentric elongated, well circumscribed, honeycomb or bubbly focus of osteolysis ± sclerosis
  • Advanced lesions may have a soft tissue mass (also recurrences)
  • Purely intracortical lesions do occur as do single cystic lesions
  • Metastases at time of dx reported 3%
  • Bone scan
  • MRI
    • Provides the most accurate information about extent and invasiveness
    • Anterior cortical involvement (19/22)
    • Extension into the bone marrow (12/22)
    • Two morphologic patterns
      • Solitary lobulated focus
      • Pattern of multiple small nodules in one or more foci
        • High signel intensity foci on T2- and T1-weighted contrast-enhanced images interspersed with normal appearing cortical or spongious bone (6/22)
    • Intense and homogeneous static enhancement


  • Gray white and firm, cystic degeneration, foci of hemorrhage, may extend to dermis



  • Metastatic carcinoma
  • Angiosarcoma and myxoid angioblastoma (factor VIII +)
  • Fibrous dysplasia
  • Osteosarcoma with fibroblastic differentiation
  • Osteofibrous dysplasia (? precursor to adamantinoma)
  • Adamantinoma-like Ewing sarcoma
    • See below under SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS
  • Rarely
    • Intraosseous glomus tumor of the fibula reported mimicking adamantinoma radiographically


  • Tx is wide en blocwide resection
  • Average time to LR is 5.7 years
    • LR reported in up to 31%
    • LR develops if management is intralesional or marginal in nature or if periosteum is not resected
      • LR and lung metastases 19 yrs after curettage for what was diagnosed as "fibrous dysplasia"
      • LR 20 yrs after resection reported
      • LR 24 yrsafter dx and resection associated with lung metastases
        • LR and metastases surgically removed and short term NED x 3 yrs reported
    • Treatment of LR with wide resection has been reported successful in selected cases
  • Metastases to lungs, bones, lymph nodes (7%), pericardium, liver, retroperitoneum, and posterior cul-de-sac** 10-30% reported (higher mitotic rate with higher risk)
    • Dx of pulmonary metastases has been reported by pulmonary brushing cytology
    • Reported 16 yrsafter knee disarticulation with metastasis to contralateral leg and lungs
      • Rib and lung metastases reported after 13 years after first treatment (multiple early local recurrences)
    • Reported to lung after 6 yrs after a BKA
    • A series of osseous metastases has been reported
      • A report of skeletal metastasis 4 yrs after resection reported
      • Reported in ipsilateral femur 5 yrs after AKA
    • Skeletal and pulmonary metastases have been reported after intralesional curettage and IM nailing of a tibia six years after surgery without reported evidence of LR
  • Mean survival 12.8 yrs in metastatic disease
  • Vascularized osteoseptocutaneous free flap has been used to reconstruct ulnar lesions
  • 10 yr survival 87.2%
  • Chemotherapy
  • XRT
    • Hypercalcemiawith a parathormone-like substance released by metastatic adamantinoma to the lung rapidly responded with normalization of serum calcium levels
      • Gradual return of elevated calcium levels occured after 15 months


    • Similar features
      • Similar histologic features
      • Similar immunohistochemistry
      • Shared clonal abnormalities
        • Chromosomes 7, 8, 12, and 21 in both
        • (Chromosome 19 only in adamantinoma, not in osteofibrous dysplasia)
      • Overlapping skeletal distribution
      • Simultaneous occurrence in tibia and fibula
      • Simultaneous occurrence in the ulna
    • 3/16 pts treated for what was felt to be osteofibrous dysplasia were confirmed to have adamantinoma on final histological examination
      • Because of LR with curettage of osteofibrous dysplasia (6/16) and the risk of adamantinoma (3/16), extraperiosteal excision of osteofibrous dysplasia has been advocated
      • Strict surveillancehas been reported as mandatory in osteofibrous dysplasia
        • Systematic biopsy in case of onset of pain or increased tumor volume in pts with osteofibrous dysplasia has been recommended
    • Presence of keratin-positive epithelial cells within the stroma of osteofibrous dysplasia must notbe present to confirm progression to adamantinoma
      • Cases have been reported where osteofibrous dysplasia-like adamantinoma have been misdiagnosed as osteofibrous dysplasia
    • Common expression of oncoproteins and bone matrix proteins:


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