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PORTNotes Introduction

The purpose of this syllabus is to provide the orthopaedic, pathology, and radiology resident and practioner an outline upon which to build a basic and comprehensive understanding of orthopaedic pathology, to facilitate the success of others. The collection of sixteen lecture outlines is intended to be used as a building block for lectures or individual studies. It is expected the color prints and radiologic examples will provide a teaching aid that is not reasonably available under one cover to individuals which these intriguing aspects of orthopaedic surgery, pathology, and radiology are beginning to unfold, as well as adding animation to the descriptive outlines. Information pertainent to past in-service training and self-assessment examination questions (1984 to the present) are highlighted in blue for review purposes. By arranging the tumors in a histologically based format, a systematic approach will replace the often haphazard motions of developing a differential diagnosis. Including both bone and soft tissue lesions under one heading will solidify an understanding of orthopaedic oncologic surgery. Relevant topics in musculo­skeletal development and inflammatory diagnoses are included. Extensive relevant references are listed for more in-depth review. A limited edition is available, excluding the final four chapters for a less extensive review. JDP

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