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Preface to the First Edition

This large collection of nearly 5000 digital images relating to the subject of musculoskeletal oncology is a sequel to the 1800 Kodachrome slide collection that I produced in 1967 as a teaching aide for my students of orthopedic surgery at UCSF.

Over the past 35 years since then my ever growing student population and my many friends and fellow members of the American Musculoskeletal Tumor Society and the International Society of Skeletal Radiology have encouraged me to collect once again from my past 35 years of clinical experience as an orthopedic oncologist in the San Francisco Bay area. Most of the cases in this atlas are taken directly from my practice of orthopedics at UCSF and the Kaiser Foundation Hospital system of Northern California. Many other cases were direct referrals from my many friends in the field around the world. Most of the macro section slides were given to me by Dr Howard Hatcher and reflect his great experience while at the University of Chicago back in the 1950's.

A very special thanks goes to my wife MaryBee and my research assistant at UCSF Elizabeth Jameson who taught me everything I know about computers and helped me edit the text that goes with the cases placed on the internet. Another special thanks goes to my many friends in the BIOMET CORPORATION of Warsaw, Indiana, whose large educational grant made the production of this atlas possible.

Jim Johnston
September 2005