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How I Wrote My Fracture Articles

Just like your teachers in high school, I am not an expert, only (hopefully) one or two days ahead of you.... 

Here is how I wrote my fracture articles: 

I did my writing in Word, using the attached outline

(Note: you could click the word outline to open the file and then you could save it to your computer but that navigates you away from this page. BETTER TO RIGHT CLICK WITH YOUR MOUSE AND "SAVE AS")

In Word, I added some text under each section. When I thought I was done (of course I wasn't) I saved the article on my harddrive and then cut and paste it into the Orthopaedia page.  

Here's how to do that:

  1. Open the Word document,  press Control-A to select entire article
  2. Press Control-C to copy to memory
  3. Login to Orthopaedia and visit the page you want to create/edit
  4. Click "Page Operations" on the upper left of the page, then click "Edit" (you will enter Edit Mode)
  5. Click the "Wiki Markup" tab (this will ensure that the letters h3 in my outline are correctly interpreted to make a 'Heading 3' section)
  6. Press Control-V to paste
  7. Click "Save" 

For the first draft, I would recommend that you not use any special Word formatting (lists, tabs etc) or that you create external links to anything else. Do that on the revision. As you can see from some of my postings, 15 edits to tweak it right is about normal. Once you save, then you can go back and debug. 

Also, take a look at this , and see if you can cite references 

I personally prefer the Wiki Markup mode to create my links. You use formatting specific codes to create the link. If you want to use this mode, note that entering [Main:linked] will have the word "linked" in your text, which when clicked will goto the Orthopaedia page named "linked".

If you want to create a short name for the link but have a more standard, descriptive page name then use [alias | Main:linked] . "alias" will appear in your article but when clicked on will goto the Orthopaedia page named "linked". You could also use a URL instead of a page name for "linked" to create an external link to a web page.

Note: The Rich Text mode will enter in the appropriate code when you choose the Insert/Edit Link icon and fill in the Alias and Link fields.

Alias = Text that you want to show up in the article
Link = Page name of the  Orthopaedia article to link to