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Page: Chondrosarcoma (central)
Tumor biology and incidence Primary malignant tumor whose cells produce cartilage matrix May arise de novo or secondarily to an existing benign cartilaginous tumor (usually enchondroma or osteocartila…
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Page: Clear cell chondrosarcoma
Rare, low-grade, malignant tumor Most common in 20- to 40-year-olds Generally found in epiphysis or metaphysis of long bone, particularly proximal femur and humerus Radiographic presentation: Geograph…
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Page: Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma
High-grade spindle cell tumor Very poor prognosis; most patients die within 2 years of diagnosis Age and skeletal sites very similar to regular chondrosarcoma Microscopic appearance High-grade sarcoma…
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Page: Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma
Rare tumor Most common in 10- to 30-year-olds Poor prognosis Radiographic pattern usually lytic, destructive, and permeative Microscopic appearnce Small cells juxtaposed to lobules of chondroid tissue…
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Page: Periosteal chondrosarcoma
Presents on surface of bone May invade medullary canal MRI needed to stage the presence, extent of medullary involvement May be difficult distinguish from periosteal chondroma or periosteal osteosarco…
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