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Page: Capitate
Name of bone Capitate Location/Articulation The capitate bone is the largest of the carpal bones of the wrist, occupying the center of the wrist. It has three sections: the head (proximal surface), wh…
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Page: Carpometacarpal joint
The carpometacarpal (CMC) joints are five joints in the wrist that articulate the distal row of carpal bones and the proximal bases of the five metacarpal bones. The CMC of the thumb differs significa…
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Page: Distal phalanges of the hand
Name of bone Distal phalanges of the hand Location/Articulation The distal phalanges are at the tips of the fingers, covered by a protective nail. Figure 1. Anatomy of the hand, with distal phalanges …
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Page: Hamate
Name of bone Hamate Location/Articulation The hamate bone (unciform bone) in the wrist is readily distinguished by its wedge-shaped form and the hook-like process that projects from its volar surface.…
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Page: High-Pressure Injection Injuries of the Hand
Introduction The first published case of an injection injury to the hand was in the German literature in 1925 by E. Hesse1. High-pressure delivery systems had followed the increasing mechanization of …
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Page: Human bite wound
Introduction Between 60% and 75% of all human bite wounds are to the upper extremity. 1 Approximately 10% of human bite wounds will become infected, with up to 30% in the hand becoming infected. 1, 2,…
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Page: Intercarpal articulations
The intercarpal articulations (articulations of the carpus) can be subdivided into three sets of articulations: those of the proximal row of carpal bones, those of the distal row of carpal bones, and …
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Page: Intermediate phalanges of the hand
Name of bone Intermediate phalanges of the hand Location/Articulation Intermediate, or middle, phalanges bridge the distal and proximal phalanges in the four fingers, between two wrinkly joints. The t…
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Page: Intermetacarpal articulations
The bases of the second, third, fourth and fifth metacarpal bones articulate with one another by small surfaces covered with cartilage, and are connected together by dorsal, volar, and interosseous li…
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Page: Interphalangeal joints
The interphalangeal articulations of the hand are the hinge joints between the phalanges of the hand (ie, the finger bones). There are two sets (except in the thumb): Proximal interphalangeal joints (…
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