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Page: How Should New Implants be Monitored
The public expects that the implants orthopaedic surgeons routinely use in clinical practice are safe, reliable, and proven to be effective. They anticipate that this will hold true for the implant it…
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Page: Is “IDEAL” Enough? Proposal for a New Framework to Evaluate Orthopaedic Devices
Many surgical research projects commence with ideas, technical modifications, and individual observations rather than specific hypotheses, which creates methodologic difficulties in evaluating surgica…
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Page: Monitoring New Implants
{use-layout:ORTHOSEC} Subspecialty Theme Collection - April Evidence-based orthopaedics posits the inclusion of best evidence in clinical decision-making. However, its practice is often hampered by or…
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Page: Post-market Monitoring of New Implants - Are Registries the Answer
"When patients' best interests are looked after, everything else falls into place." When ill, patients want the latest medical treatments, including drugs, medical devices and new technologies, yet wa…
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Page: The Case of Metal-on-Metal Implant Recalls - What Have We Learned
In recent decades, the introduction of new drugs and implants has often been accompanied by enthusiastic acceptance by the medical community. However, there are cases in which this initial enthusiasm …
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