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Page: High-grade parosteal (dedifferentiated) osteosarcoma
Has the worst prognosis of the surface osteosarcomas Rare, very anaplastic tumor May be fibroblastic or osteoblastic Age and skeletal distributions similar to that of low-grade parosteal osteosarcomas…
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Page: Low-grade intramedullary osteosarcoma
Introduction Usually affects young adults Mean age at diagnosis is 28 years Variable duration of symptoms prior to diagnosis Prognosis better than with conventional osteosarcoma Location Majority of t…
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Page: Osteosarcoma
Tumor biology and incidence Also referred to as osteogenic sarcoma Malignant bone tumor in which cancer cells produce immature bone (osteoid matrix) Second most common primary bone tumor after myeloma…
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Page: Osteosarcoma arising in Pagetoid bone
Introduction Occurs in a small percentage of patients with Paget's disease Age range of patients is 46-91 years M:F = 2:1. High-grade osteosarcoma most common malignancy arising in Pagetoid bone Chond…
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Page: Parosteal osteosarcoma
Tumor biology and incidence Rare, low-grade lesion arising on surface of cortex Classified as high-grade surface osteosarcoma if high-grade cytological changes observed This lesion may contain fibrous…
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Page: Periosteal osteosarcoma
Age Age distribution is similar to conventional osteosarcoma Gender M:F = 2:1 Location Most commonly located in proximal metaphyseal and diaphyseal regions of proximal one third of femur or proximal t…
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Page: Small-cell osteosarcoma
A rare tumor usually occurring in persons age 10-30 years Patients usually present with pain and swelling of variable duration Tumor most frequently located in distal femur and humerus, most are metap…
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