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Page: Ilium
Name of bone Ilium Location/Articulation The ilium is the uppermost and largest bone of the pelvis. It is divisible into two parts, the body and the ala. This separation is indicated on the top surfac…
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Page: Ischium
Name of bone Ischium Location/Articulation The ischium forms the lower and back part of the hip bone (os coxae). Situated below the ilium and behind the pubis, the ischium is one of three bones whose …
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Page: Pubis
Name of bone Pubis Location/Articulation The android pubic bone is the ventral and anterior of the three principal bones composing either half of the pelvis. Muscle and ligament attachments Surface an…
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Page: Radiographic Anatomy of Adult Pelvis
Anteroposterior 1. Lateral part of the sacrum 2. Gas in colon 3. Ilium 4. Sacroiliac joint 5. Ischial spine 6. Superior ramus of pubis 7. Inferior ramus of pubis 8. Ischial tuberosity 9. Obturator for…
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Page: Radiographic Anatomy of Pediatric Pelvis

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Page: Sacroiliac joint
The sacroiliac joint, or SI joint, is the joint in the bony pelvis between the sacrum and the ilium of the pelvis, which are joined by strong ligaments. The sacrum supports the spine and is supported,…
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