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Page: Elbow joint
The elbow joint consists of three bones: the humerus, the ulna, and the radius. These bones create three articulations – the ulnohumeral, the radiohumeral, and the proximal radioulnar – that provide f…
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Page: Radiographic Anatomy of Adult Forearm
Anteroposterior 1. Scaphoid 2. Lunate 3. Styloid process of radius 4. Styloid process of ulna 5. Head of ulna 6. Radius 7. Ulna 8. Tuberosity of radius 9. Neck of radius 10. Head of radius 11. Proxima…
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Page: Radiographic Anatomy of Pediatric Forearm

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Page: Ulna
Name of bone Ulna Location/Articulation The ulna is one of the two bones of the forearm, parallel with the radius. It articulates with the: humerus, at the elbow, as a hinge joint to allow flexion and…
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