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Page: ABJS Workshop on Articular Cartilage Repair (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
{use-layout:ORTHOSEC} Workshop held in November 2000, manuscripts published as a supplement to the October 2001 issue of Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research® (CORR) Issue Table of Contents The …
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Page: Cartilage (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Cartilage is a thin, elastic tissue that protects the bone and makes certain that joint surfaces can slide easily over each other. Cartilage ensures supple knee movement. There are two types of joint …
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Page: Exploring the Potential of Cartilage Tissue Engineering to Restore Joint Damage (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Joint damage, articular cartilage degeneration, and the research into methods of restoring the articulation surfaces are not new topics of interest. For centuries, clinicians and scientists have recog…
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Page: Osteoarticular Transfer System (OATS) Procedure for Repairing Articular Cartilage Defects of the Talus (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Indications A symptomatic osteochondral lesion (OCL) greater than 8-10 mm. Authors vary on which size need to be treated with an ostechondral graft. With a smaller OCL, debridement is best.   Preopera…
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