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Page: About COA (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Mission Statement Achieve excellence in orthopaedic care for Canadians through excellence in education and research and through advocacy on behalf of patients and orthopaedic surgeons across Canada. V…
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Page: Acetabular Labral Repair - Current Concepts (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Repair of the acetabular labrum is a technically demanding procedure, with controversial indications and mixed results. Nevertheless, it is clear that the labrum in the hip is an important structure, …
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Page: ACL Double-Bundle Reconstruction versus Single-Bundle Reconstruction (OrthopaedicsOne Viewpoints)
Scroll down to respond to the OrthopaedicsOne Poll: Double-bundle ACL reconstruction should replace single-bundle ACL for most patients We are honoured and privileged to have two world-renowned surgeo…
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Page: Acute Osteochondral Injuries - Strategies for Management (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Acute osteochondral fractures or lesions in the ankle can occur as isolated injuries. More commonly, they are associated with sprains or fractures of the ankle. Arthroscopic studies show that cartilag…
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Page: Adjusting to Kandahar - The Civilian's Top 10 List (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
I was fortunate to spend 1 month (March-April 2007) as a volunteer civilian trauma surgeon in the Canadian-run hospital (MMU-3) at Kandahar Air Field (KAF). I suggest the following must read "Top 10" …
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Page: Adult Reconstruction - Hip Arthroscopy A Procedure for the 21st Century (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
{use-layout:ORTHOSEC} Subspecialty Theme of the Month, July 2011 Hip arthroscopy is a rapidly evolving surgical field in orthopaedic surgery with a definite role in the treatment of pre-arthritic hip …
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Page: Adult Reconstruction - Unicompartmental Knee Arthritis (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
{use-layout:ORTHOSEC} Subspecialty Theme of the Month, October 2011 Total knee arthroplasty is considered to be the gold standard for tricompartmental knee arthritis. By contrast, unicompartmental kne…
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Page: Adult Scoliosis (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Epidemiology Adult scoliosis can be defined as a spinal coronal plane deformity of greater than 10° that presents in a skeletally mature individual. A number of studies have reported the prevalence of…
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Page: All Hip Replacement Patients Should Receive Metal-on-Polyethylene Bearings (OrthopaedicsOne Viewpoints)
Scroll down to respond to the OrthopaedicsOne Poll: Highly cross-linked polyethylene bearings should be the implant of choice for young and active hip replacement patients Our colleagues from the Univ…
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Page: Ankle Fracture Complications - Salvaging a Failed ORIF (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Patients may present after an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) with ongoing ankle pain. Cartilage defects are the most common cause in our practice. However, osteotomies, debridement, and fusio…
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