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Page: Biopsy and Staging (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Following assessment of the patient's clinical complaints, analysis of the radiographs, and development of the differential diagnostic list, a biopsy of the bone lesion may be needed to establish a di…
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Page: Clear cell chondrosarcoma (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Rare, low-grade, malignant tumor Most common in 20- to 40-year-olds Generally found in epiphysis or metaphysis of long bone, particularly proximal femur and humerus Radiographic presentation: Geograph…
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Page: Gardner's Syndrome (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Autosomal-dominant disorder characterized by a tetrad of abnormal growths Osteomas Intestinal polyposis of small and large bowel Fibromas of soft tissue Sebaceous cysts of skin Disorders associated wi…
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