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Page: Adult deformity - scoliosis and kyphosis (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Introduction Define/describe the condition Anatomy Describe the pertinent anatomy Pathogenesis Describe the biomechanics/biologic basis of the disorder or the mechanism of injury Natural History Descr…
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Page: Adult isthmic spondylolithesis (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Spondylolisthesis   Definition Gk spondylos which means vertebra and olisthesis which means to slip or slide down a slippery incline.   History First recognized in 1782 by the Belgian obstetrician Her…
Page: Anterior Cervical Corpectomy (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Indications Anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion (ACCF) is commonly performed to treat cervical spondylosis, cervical radiculopathy, or both.  Cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM) is a syndrome de…
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Page: Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Indications Indications for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) include compression of neural elements (causing radiculopathic or myelopathic signs and symptoms) due to degenerative disease…
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Page: Anterior cord syndrome (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Anterior spinal artery infarction   Paralysis below the level of the lesion, with loss of pain and temperature sensation below the level of the lesion and relative sparing of touch, vibration, and pos…
Page: Anterior Lumbar Corpectomy (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Indications Discuss indications and more general concerns. Preoperative Planning Material to be reviewed and conditions to be addressed before surgery. Include any exams preformed under anesthesia Pos…
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Page: Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Indications Since its original description in 1932,1 anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) has been used to address: Low-grade spondylolisthesis Degenerative disc disease Failed posterior spinal fus…
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Page: Biomechanics of the spine (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)

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Page: Brown-Sequard syndrome (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Brown Séquard Syndrome/Hemi-Cord Syndrome Introduction: Spinal cord injuries span the spectrum from the devastating complete paralysis to inconsequential sensory pathology.  There are approximately 20…
Page: C-Spine Evaluation and Clearance (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
Background Cervical spine injury is present in 2-6% of all trauma patients, and it can be a cause of major long-term disability.1 Overall, between 50% and 64% of spinal injuries involve the cervical s…
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