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Page: AES Total Ankle Replacement (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
The Ankle Evolutive System (AES) TAR is a further development of the Buechel-Pappas-type prosthesis. This design has a modular stem and allows hemi-replacement of the medial tibiotalar and talofibular…
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Page: Alphanorm Total Ankle Replacement (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
The Alphanorm TAR was developed by Professor Tilmann in Germany and has been used since 1996.1 The Alphanorm prosthesis is a non-constrained Buechel-Pappas type design with a 90° tibial stem without i…
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Page: Ankle replacement (OrthopaedicsOne Cases)

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Page: BOX Total Ankle Replacement (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
The BOX TAR was developed from a collaborative effort of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute (Drs. Giannini, Catani, Leardini) in Italy and Oxford University (Dr. O'Connor) in England in the late 1990s.…
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Page: ESKA Ankle Prosthesis (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
The ESKA TAR is a non-constrained, fixed-bearing, two-component prosthesis that was designed in Germany for cementless implantation between 1985 and 1989.1,2  It has a shallow groove on the talar comp…
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Page: German Ankle System (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
The German Ankle System is a three-component prosthesis allowing rotation around each of the three possible movement axes.1 The talar component of this prosthesis includes side borders to keep the mob…
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Page: HINTEGRA Total Ankle Replacement (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
The HINTEGRA Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) is an unconstrained, three-component system that provides inversion-eversion stability and was designed in 2000 by Beat Hintermann, Greta Dereymaeker, Ramon …
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Page: INBONE Total Ankle Replacement (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
The INBONE TAR is a fixed-bearing, two-component total ankle system.1,2 A special feature of this ankle design is a modular stem system for both metallic components. The tibial stem has the ability to…
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Page: Mobility Ankle System (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
The Mobility Ankle System, developed by Pascal Rippstein, Peter Wood, and Chris Coetzee, is a three-component Buechel-Pappas type prosthesis with a short, conical tibial stem. The talar component of t…
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Page: Ramses Total Ankle Replacement (OrthopaedicsOne Articles)
The Ramses TAR was developed in 1987 and first implanted in 1989 by a French designer group.1,2 The Ramses TAR is a three-component, semi-constrained prosthesis with a high-density mobile bearing. Ini…
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