Workshop held in November 2008, manuscripts published in Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research® (CORR) in October 2009

Issue Table of Contents

ABJS Carl T. Brighton Workshop on Health Policy Issues in Orthopaedic Surgery – Editorial Comment

The Classic – A Plan for a More Effective Federal and State Health Administration

Economic Incentives to Promote Innovation in Healthcare Delivery

What Rate of Utilization Is Appropriate in Musculoskeletal Care

The Impact of Disruptive Innovations in Orthopaedics

Executive Summary – Aligning Stakeholder Incentives in Orthopaedics

Aligning Incentives in Orthopaedics – Opportunities and Challenges — The Case Medical Center Experience

Aligning Physician and Hospital Incentives – The Approach at Hospital for Special Surgery

Healthcare Quality Measurement in Orthopaedic Surgery – Current State of the Art

Quality Measurement in Orthopaedics – The Purchasers View

Executive Summary – Value-based Purchasing and Technology Assessment in Orthopaedics

Professionalism in 21st Century Professional Practice – Autonomy and Accountability in Orthopaedic Surgery

Role of Technology Assessment in Orthopaedics

The Impact of Physician-owned Specialty Orthopaedic Hospitals on Surgical Volume and Case Complexity in Competing Hospitals

Prometheus Payment Model – Application to Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

Getting to Equal – Strategies to Understand and Eliminate General and Orthopaedic Healthcare Disparities

Future Young Patient Demand for Primary and Revision Joint Replacement – National Projections from 2010 to 2030