Workshop held in November 2001, manuscripts published as a supplement to the October 2002 issue ofClinical Orthopaedics and Related Research®(CORR)

Issue Table of Contents

Editorial Comment – Skeletal Muscle Plasticity

The Classic – The Mechanism of Muscle Contraction

Muscles May Contribute to Shoulder Dislocation and Stability

Shoulder Biomechanics and Muscle Plasticity – Implications in Spinal Cord Injury

Muscle Force and Its Role in Joint Dynamic Stability

The Contributions of Muscles and Reflexes to Regulation of Joint and Limb Mechanics

Studies of Myosin Isoforms in Muscle Cells – Single Cell Mechanics and Gene Transfer

The Design of Vertebrate Muscular Systems – Comparative and Integrative Approaches

Breakout Session 1 – Muscle Mechanics

Clinical Perspectives Regarding Eccentric Muscle Injury

Cytoskeletal Disruption After Eccentric Contraction-Induced Muscle Injury

Interactions Between Muscles and the Immune System During Modified Musculoskeletal Loading

Muscle Contusion Injury and Myositis Ossificans Traumatica

Breakout Session 2 – Muscle Injury

Distraction of Skeletal Muscle – Evolution of a Rat Model

Effects of Distraction on Muscle Length – Mechanisms Involved in Sarcomerogenesis

Gene Expression in Response to Muscle Stretch

Myofibrillogenesis in Skeletal Muscle Cells

Tendon Transfer Surgery – Clinical Implications of Experimental Studies

Lengthening of Muscle During Distraction Osteogenesis

Translational Control – Implications for Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy

Autocrine and/or Paracrine Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Activity in Skeletal Muscle

Multiple Roles of Calcineurin in Skeletal Muscle Growth

Costameres – Repeating Structures at the Sacrolemma of Skeletal Muscle

Effects of Exercise on Senescent Muscle

p27Kip1 – A Key Regulator of Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cell Proliferation

Tissue Engineering Skeletal Muscle for Orthopaedic Applications

Muscle-Based Gene Therapy and Tissue Engineering to Improve Bone Healing

Breakout Session 3 – Issues Related to Muscle Growth, Atropy, and Tissue Engineering