Name of test

Alternative to Thomas test in bilateral fixed flexion deformity (FFD)

What it tests

Assess bilateral FFD of the hips and/or unilateral hip and knee involvement

How to do it

  • Place the patient in the supine position, ensuring that the pelvis is at the edge of the table.
  • Ask the patient to straighten both legs and hip
  • Place one hand beneath the patient’s back, parallel to the floor, to estimate the amount of FFD in each hip.
  • Knee FFD can be evaluated in a similar manner, using the thigh as a reference.

The normal response

Patient can straighten both hips and knees in line with the back

What it means if not normal

Bilateral FFD of the hips or unilateral FFD of the hip and knee


Always support the patient’s thighs with your other hand to prevent the patient from falling.


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