Lateral epicondyle of the humerus proximally


Lateral surface of the olecranon process and the superior part of the posterior ulna distally


It is partly blended in with the triceps, which it assists in extension of the forearm. It also stabilises the elbow during pronation and supination and pulls slack out of the elbow joint capsule during extention to prevent impingement.

Nerve Supply

Radial nerve (C7, C8, and T1)

Arterial Supply

Deep brachial artery, recurrent interosseous artery.

Physical Exam

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Clinical Importance

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Disease States

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The anconeus muscle is a small muscle on the posterior aspect of the elbow joint.

Some consider anconeus to be a continuation of the triceps brachii muscle. Some sources consider it to be part of the posterior compartment of the arm, while others consider it part of the posterior compartment of the forearm.

The Anconeus muscle can easily be palpated just lateral to the olecranon process of the ulna.

Its function is trivial in humans. It assists in extension of the elbow, where the triceps brachii is the principal agonist. It also prevents the elbow joint capsule being pinched in the olecranon fossa during extension of the elbow. Anconeus also abducts the ulna and stabilizes the elbow joint.


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Anconeus muscle


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