Pain and prominence around the head of the fifth metatarsal is the main reason for which treatment is sought. The pain is worse with activities and with narrow front shoes. At times associated there is a callus in this region underneath and an inflammed bursa dorsolaterally. If pain continues despite conservative measures such as wide toe box shoes with made of uppers that stretch and interfere with daily activities, then surgery can be considered. It is important to asses the general health of the patient and locally the neurovascular status.

Preoperative Planning

Weight bearing radiographs are necessary to assess magnitude and type of the deformity.


Supine with pressure points padded


Lateral approach gives access to the metatarso-phalangeal joint and the metatarsal shaft


The procedure can be undertaken under local or regional blocade.Step by step description to illustrate surgical technique

Pearls and Pitfalls

Tips and problems to avoid

Postoperative Care

Include immediate postoperative care and rehabilitation


Include functional and prosthetic survivorship data as applicable


Include overview of complications


Include limited reference list