Name of test

Coleman lateral block test

What it tests

In the setting of an increased medial longitudinal arch and heel varus, the Coleman block test can determine in the hindfoot is mobile.

How to do it

Place a one inch block on the floor and have the patient stand with the heel and lateral edge of the forefoot (5th metatarsal) on the block with the medial forefoot (1st metatarsal) off the block. Examine the heel from the rear.

The normal response

If the heel corrects to neutral position, the hindfoot is mobile. Thus, the deformity seen clinically is due to plantar flexion of 1st metatarsal.

What it means if not normal

If the hindfoot remains in varus there is fixed hindfoot inversion deformity (or possibly spasticity of the tibialis posterior). Isolated correction of the excessive plantar flexion of 1st metatarsal will not be successful.



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