• Chondroblastoma
  • Giant cell tumor


  • Clear cell chondrosarcoma


  • Chondroblastoma is typically geographic and confined to the epiphysis until late in its course; punctate calcification may be observed.
  • Giant cell tumors are subarticular lesions usually extending across the epiphyseal-metaphyseal region.
  • Clear cell chondrosarcoma is a rare, low-grade lesion frequently found in the epiphyseal or epiphyseal-metaphyseal region of the proximal humerus or proximal femur. It may be difficult to differentiate from chondroblastoma on radiographic features.
  • Juxta-articular lesions and epiphyseal lesions overlap if the juxta-articular changes are only on one side of the joint.

Other Differential Diagnoses by Anatomic Location