It’s as easy a 1-2-3

3 steps to creating an Orthopaedia.NET article:

  1. See if an article on your topic already exists – browse the table of contents or use the search
    1. If article exists then consider editing the article to improve it
    2. If article does’t exist then create a new article
  2. Hover over the “Add” tab in the top right menu
  3. Click “Page”

Don’t forget to claimAuthor Credit

Here are some basics on when and how you should write an Orthopaedia.NET article:

  1. Have something to say.
  2. Write the article in your own words. Feel free to paraphrase what you read as long as you cite appropriately.
  3. Use a page template when appropriate but don’t be limited by it.
  4. Use citations from PubMed (or other sources).
  5. Upload your own pictures preferably, but if you cannot, link to images but don’t copy/paste from the web.
  6. At the bottom of the article, list some suggestions for additional article topics that could be created to expand the coverage.

Don’t suffer from writer’s block! As a surgeon, you are (or should be) a perfectionist, but that’s not necessary (or helpful) here. Better to postsomething, however imperfect, than nothing at all. The community will refine it.


See the Video Tutorials for more detailed instructions on how to use Orthopaedia.NET.