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Acute osteomyelitis

Antimicorbial therapy for musculoskeletal infections

Approach to treatment of musculoskeletal infection


Bite wounds and infection

Chronic osteomyelitis

Clinical assessment of musculoskeletal infection

Culture and tissue biopsy

Diabetic foot infections

Diagnostic imaging of periprosthetic joint infection

Epidemiology of musculoskeletal infection

Hand infections

Host factors and immune response

Implant related infections

Laboratory evaluation of musculoskeletal infection

Local antiobiotic treatment

Microbiology of musculoskeletal infection

Musculoskeletal infections caused by fungal and atypical organisms

Necrotizing soft tissue infections

Open fractures and infection

Pediatric bone and joint infections

Procedure related reduction of the risk of infection

Reconstruction after infection

Septic arthritis

Spine infections

Surgical debridement and lavage

Surgical site infections