Are you a member of a residency program, alumni group, association, organization, or society? Create a private space as your Intranet through OrthopaedicsOne Groups.

The functionality of OrthopaedicsOne Groups allows you to create a shared workspace that contains all the information about your group. Powered by our multimedia publishing platform, your group space becomes your hub for collaborating and sharing documents – difficult or unusual cases, key journal articles, presentations, research projects – with colleagues around the world, eliminating the barriers institutional firewalls can impose. You can see groups your colleagues have joined, as well as navigate to your own groups and create new groups.

See OrthopaedicsOne Groups in action. Select a screenshot below.

Home page of Orthopaedia Groups.
Example of private workspace being used as an Intranet for a residency program.
Space administration allows control of permissions and group access.

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