Orthopaedics and Information Technology also goes back a long way (1)(2) but work specifically on Orthopaedic Surgery and the Internet was first published in 1998 (3)(4). This work and many of the publications since have introduced the Internet as a valid source of orthopaedic information and given guidance about where to find information (5 – 14).

Two developments have limited the usefulness of this approach; the first is the phenomenal increase in the number of medical sites on the Internet (15), so that any printed list is sure to be so short as to be unrepresentative. The second is that addresses on the Internet (Uniform Resource Locator URL) change so often that the tendency for links to become obsolete has been termed "Link Rot"(16). More than 50% of the resources cited in the earlier papers have changed their addresses(17). Only a very few publications have considered the impact of the Internet on orthopaedics as a whole. (18-23) Some of the changes predicted in these earlier works, such as posting of the orthopaedic literature through the Internet, have come about but the broader changes have yet to take place. Persistent prodding in this direction comes from the AAOS Journal (24) Web and Wireless Review feature in each issue(25) and the COA Bulletin Information Technology section(26).

Both the Internet Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma (ISOST)(27)(28) and the Hippocrites Winslow Babbage Foundation (HWBF)(29) are groups of orthopaedic surgeons with an interest in Orthopaedic Informatics. ISOST posts the Orthogate(30) site as a resource for improving orthopaedic care, education and research with Internet technologies. HWBF holds annual meetings and is strongly linked to the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA)(31) and hosts the abstracts of OTA meetings and the OTA mailing list.

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