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I’m pleased to introduce you to OrthopaedicsOne – the premier online collaborative orthopaedic knowledge network. Harnessing the power of the OrthopaedicsOne platform, the orthopaedic community can:

  • Self-publish a monograph, a textbook, or a collection of articles
  • Conduct a collective intelligence study to develop consensus on an issue
  • Showcase research findings, honors, publications, and institutional programs
  • Create a secure, private workspace for collaboration on a project or paper
  • Network with orthopaedic surgeons and other health care professionals worldwide
  • Access aggregated multimedia content 24/7 — mobile or on the web

Born into the Semantic Web

While other providers of orthopaedic information claim to have just brought Web 3.0 technology to orthopaedics, the fact is, OrthopaedicsOne was born digital in 2008, taking advantage of the power of the semantic web from the very start. With content interlinked across media types — from articles to videos to presentations to cases to images — our users enjoy a rich learning experience that caters to their need to know now

Usage data from OrthopaedicsOne demonstrate that orthopaedic surgeons have embraced the site as a key resource for finding quick answers to their clinical questions, as well as for diving deeper into topics when they have more time. Consider that:

  • Unique visitors increased 246% from launch through the end of 2011
  • Page views increased 207% during the same time frame.
  • Double-digit growth in unique visitors and page views is projected for 2012
  • Site “stickiness” is at an all-time high, with big gains in time spent on the site and number of pages viewed during a session

Why OrthopaedicsOne?

As an orthopaedic surgeon with a busy shoulder and elbow practice, I know how hard you work to detail my colleagues face to face — and it’s getting tougher every year. Through OrthopaedicsOne, I can offer you an alternative for engaging with orthopaedic surgeons, at the point of learning, with targeted advertising and sponsorship programs that highlight your products and services.

OrthopaedicsOne is well positioned to provide the right environment for your marketing messages:

  • Content-rich resource. OrthopaedicsOne is packed with thousands of content pages in multimedia formats. Because of our meticulous attention to SEO, this content is highly discoverable on major search engines — we’re drawing the traffic you’re looking for.
  • Flexible, targeted opportunities. Every page on OrthopaedicsOne — including full content pages — is available for advertising. Select the page or pages on which you want your ad to appear for the most highly targeted messaging possible.
  • Scaled for any budget. OrthopaedicsOne offers advertising and sponsorship opportunities for as little as a few hundred dollars. You won’t be priced out of an opportunity to connect with your customers on OrthopaedicsOne.

Let’s Work Together

Orthopaedic surgeons are involved in the decision-making process about the devices and instruments they’ll use in practice. Put that influence to work for you by taking advantage of the advertising and sponsorship opportunities available on OrthopaedicsOne.

The information outlined in our media kit provides details on how we can help you reach current and potential customers. Let us know what we can do for you.

I look forward to working with you.

Christian Veillette, MD, MSc, FRCS(C)
Co-Founder and Managing Editor
Director of Technology

Assistant Professor
University of Toronto
Shoulder and Elbow Reconstructive Surgery
Toronto Western Hospital/University Health Network
University of Toronto Sports Medicine Program
Women’s College Hospital