Ankle fractures
Calcaneus fractures
Capitate fractures
Carpal fractures
Coronoid fractures
Cervical spine fractures
Clavicle fractures
Coccyx fractures
Cuboid Fractures
Cuneiform Fractures
Distal clavicle fractures
Distal femur fractures
Distal fibula Fractures
Distal humerus fractures
Distal phalangeal crush injuries
Distal phalangeal physeal fractures
Distal radius fractures
Distal tibial physeal fractures
Distal ulna fractures
Femoral head fractures
Femoral neck fractures
Femoral shaft fractures
Femoral condylar fractures
Femoral subtrochanteric fractures
Femoral supracondylar fractures
Fibula shaft fractures
Fractures associated with head injury
Fractures of the phalanges – foot
Galeazzi fractures
Hamate fractures
Humeral shaft fractures
Intertrochanteric femur fractures
Ischial tuberosity fractures
Lateral humeral condyle fracture
Lumbar and thoracolumbar fractures
Lunate fractures
Medial humeral epicondyle fractures
Metacarpal fractures
Metatarsal fractures
Monteggia fractures
Olecranon fractures
Open fractures
Osteochondral fractures
Patella fractures
Pelvic fractures
Pisiform fractures
Proximal fibula fractures
Proximal humerus fractures
Proximal phalangeal physeal fractures
Proximal tibial metaphyseal fractures
Pubic ramus fractures
Radial neck fractures
Radial Head fractures
Radial Shaft fractures
Radius and ulna shaft fractures
Rib fractures
Sacral fractures
Scaphoid fractures
Scapula fractures
Sternal fractures
Supracondylar fracture of the humerus
Talus fractures
Tarsal fractures
Tarsal navicular fractures
Thoracic fractures
Tibial plafond fractures
Tibial plateau fractures
Tibial shaft fractures
Tibial spine fractures
Tibial tubercle fractures
Ulnar shaft fractures

Soft tissue injuries

Elbow dislocation
Shoulder dislocation
Foot dislocation
Ankle dislocation
Finger PIP joint dislocations
Flexor tendon lacerations
Knee ligament injuries
Puncture wounds of the foot
Sternoclavicular dislocation
Traumatic hip dislocation
Traumatic patellar dislocation
Thumb MCP joint dislocation