Antineoplastic and antiresorptive drugs added to polymethylmethacrylate cement may prevent local cancer progression and failure of reconstructive devices used to treat patients with pathologic fractures. We tested the mechanical properties of cement containing various amounts of the drugs and found that as much as 2 g of either doxorubicin or pamidronate can be added to Simplex ® cement and the cement retains 87% of its compressive and tensile strength after 6 months of wet storage. Approximately 1 mg pamidronate elutes from experimental pellets. One half of the drug elution occurs within the first day in experiments that combined doxorubicin and pamidronate, and within 3 days when pamidronate was the only additive. Cement containing these drugs seems to be strong enough, but its fatigue strength should be tested before using it clinically. Sufficient amounts of the tested drugs elute to have potential biologic activity.

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