1. Bifid spinous process of C3
2. Superimposed articular processes
3. Uncinate processes
4. Air filled trachea
5. Transverse process of C7
6. Transverse process of T1
7. 1st rib
8. Clavicle
4th-7th: The bodies of 4th to 7th cervical vertebrae


1. Anterior arch of the atlas
2. Dens of axis
3. Posterior arch of the atlas
4. Soft palate
5. Root of the tongue
6. Transverse process
7. Intervertebral disc
8. Inferior articular process
9. Superior articular process
10. Zygapophyseal (facet) joint
11. Spinous process of C7
2nd-7th: The bodies of 2nd to 7th cervical vertebrae


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