Recognizing the challenges presented in the process of resident selection, in 1981 the American Orthopaedic Association formed a Steering Committee on Resident Selection. This Committee was charged with studying the processes involved in the selection of orthopaedic residents and developing guidelines and making suggestions to program directors. The activities of the Committee focused on five areas: (1) the mechanics of resident selection; (2) the assessment of cognitive skills; (3) the assessment of motor ability; (4) the assessment of noncognitive factors (the affective domain); (5) the assessment of dropouts. The Committee made the following recommendations to help program directors in the selection of residents: (1) use of a standardized application form; (2) full disclosure to applicants; (3) careful selection of candidates to be interviewed; (4) careful planning and implementation of the interview and visit; (5) broad faculty representation and discussion at time of selection; (6) due diligence when necessary. We still believe these criteria important in resident selection.

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