Superior to the anterior superior iliac spine


Anteromedial surface of the upper tibia in the pes anserinus


Assists in flexion, abduction and lateral rotation of hip, and flexion of knee. Looking at the bottom of one’s foot, as if one were checking to see if one had stepped in gum, demonstrates all 4 actions of sartorius.

Nerve Supply

Femoral nerve (sometimes from the intermediate cutaneous nerve of thigh)

Arterial Supply

Femoral artery

Physical Exam

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Clinical Importance

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Disease States

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Slips of origin from the outer end of the inguinal ligament, the notch of the ilium, the ilio-pectineal line or the pubis occur.

The muscle may be split into two parts, and one part may be inserted into the fascia lata, the femur, the ligament of the patella or the tendon of the Semitendinosus.

The tendon of insertion may end in the fascia lata, the capsule of the knee-joint, or the fascia of the leg.


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