Iliac crest


Iliotibial tract


Thigh – flexion, medial rotation, abduction. Trunk stabilization.

Nerve Supply

Superior gluteal nerve (L4-L5)

Arterial Supply

Primarily lateral circumflex femoral artery, Superior gluteal artery

Physical Exam

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Clinical Importance

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Disease States

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The Tensor fasciæ latæ is a tensor of the fascia lata; continuing its action, the oblique direction of its fibers enables it to abduct the thigh and assists with internal rotation and flexion of the hip inward (medial rotation).

In the erect posture, acting from below, it will serve to steady the pelvis upon the head of the femur; and by means of the iliotibial band it steadies the condyles of the femur on the articular surfaces of the tibia, and assists the Glutæus maximus in supporting the knee in a position of extension.


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Tensor fasciae latae