The calcaneal tuberosity is the posterior protuberance of the calcaneus that makes up the bulk of the heel’s structure.


In children, before the apophysis of the calcaneus fuses to the main body, at approximately age 11 in males and 9 in females, over stressing the heel may lead to calcaneal apothysitis. Symptoms include pain and tenderness in the posterior heel with activity. This condition usually subsides with decreased activity and use of proper footwear.

Pain in the posterior heel of an older patient may be associated with retrocalcaneal bursitis, calcific tendinitis of the Achilles insertion, subcutaneous calcaneal bursitis, or a boney process of the calcaneus irritating the Achilles tendon. Distinguishing between etiologies may be difficult clinically due to overlapping symptoms and the possible involvement of multiple pathologies.