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Content Partners are organizations that have a formal agreement to have their existing material published on OrthopaediaOrthopaedicsOne. NET. In most cases, such material is published verbatim from the Partner organization's material, with some editing for style and length to make the entry consistent with Orthopaedia.NET with OrthopaedicsOne guidelines. Remaining consistent with the Orthopaedia.NET OrthopaedicsOne Governance Guidelines, once the entry has been added to Orthopaedia.NET, Orthopaedia.NET OrthopaedicsOne, community members may add to or edit that material. Every entry from a Content Partner is assigned to, and must be approved by, at least one Section Editor .
Every article from a Content Partner carries this disclaimer:


This article is taken wholly from, or contains information that was originally published by, the (organization name here)... Topic editors and authors for Orthopaedia.NET for OrthopaedicsOne may have edited its content or added new information. The use of information from the (organization name here) should not be construed as support for or endorsement by that organization for any new information added by Orthopaedia.NET by OrthopaedicsOne members, or for any editing of the original content.


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