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What are the Top 10 Web Apps (an application that is accessed via a browser over the Internet) available for an Orthopaedic Resident?

In other words, what web tools do you use routinely to make your life easier - communicate with others or find, use, share information

10. Gliffy

9. Dimdim

8. Facebook

7. Youtube

6. Google Docs & Spreadsheets

5. Slideshare

4. Zotero (web based reference manager for Firefox)

3. Google Desktop

2. Google Reader

1. Gmail (if you don't have a Gmail account you really should get one)

Add your comments below on Web Apps or Mobile Apps (iPhone Apps or Blackberry Apps) that you think should be added to the list.

Also discuss your Top 10 Websites for useful orthopaedic information as a resident.