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(Also + in osteosarcoma) Page: Osteoblastoma (PORTNotes)
5- and 10-yr metastatic-free survivals Page: Soft Tissue Liposarcoma (PORTNotes)
? Page: Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor, MPNST (PORTNotes)
?B Page: Giant Cell Tumor (PORTNotes)
Ad Page: Adamantinoma (PORTNotes)
Average survival rate reported was 14.7 months Page: Resection of (Impending) Pathologic Fractures in Metastatic Tumors (PORTNotes)
Bridge JA, Fidler ME, Neff JR, Degenhardt J, Wang M, Walker C, Dorfman HD, Baker KS, Seemayer TA. Page: Adamantinoma (PORTNotes)
Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 Page: Abbreviations (PORTNotes)
Dal Cin P, Sciot R, Samson I, De Wever I, Van den Berghe H. Page: Osteoblastoma (PORTNotes)
EM Page: Intimal Sarcoma (PORTNotes)
Page: Intimal Sarcoma (PORTNotes)
Page: Intimal Sarcoma (PORTNotes)
Exophthalmus may be axial or paraxial Page: Osteoblastoma (PORTNotes)
Fujii H, Honoki K, Enomoto Y, Kasai T, Kido A, Amano I, Kumamoto M, Morishita T, Mii Y, Nonomura A, Takakura Y. Page: Adamantinoma (PORTNotes)
Grace J, McCarthy S, Stankovic R, Marsden W. Page: Osteoblastoma (PORTNotes)
Initial presentation reported to be spastic quadriparesis with a destructive lesion at C5 Page: Osteoblastoma (PORTNotes)
Intermediate (locally aggressive, rarely metastasizing) vascular tumors of bone Page: Intraosseous Hemangioma (PORTNotes)
Karwicki L, Kmieciak M, Kopka M. Page: Resection of (Impending) Pathologic Fractures in Metastatic Tumors (PORTNotes)
Kickuth R, Waldherr C, Hoppe H, Bonel HM, Ludwig K, Beck M, Triller J. Page: Resection of (Impending) Pathologic Fractures in Metastatic Tumors (PORTNotes)
Lee RS, Weitzel S, Eastwood DM, Monsell F, Pringle J, Cannon SR, Briggs TW. Page: Adamantinoma (PORTNotes)
Over-expression of M-CSF plays a pathogenic role in PVNS Page: Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor (PORTNotes)
PO{~}4{~} Page: Melorheostosis (PORTNotes)
Schajowicz F, Lemos C. Page: Osteoblastoma (PORTNotes)
Sirikulchayanonta V, Jinawath A, Jaovisidha S. Page: Intraosseous Hemangioma (PORTNotes)
Sweet DE, Vinh TN, Devaney K. Page: Adamantinoma (PORTNotes)
Vahle JL, Long GG, Sandusky G, Westmore M, Ma YL, Sato M. Page: Osteoblastoma (PORTNotes)
Wang TY, Dormans JP, Chang B. Page: Useful Pedicle Grafts (PORTNotes)
caused by inactivating mutations of GNAS1 of a paternally transmitted allele Page: Progressive Osseous Heteroplasia (PORTNotes)
characterized by chromosome 12q13-15 amplification Page: Soft Tissue Liposarcoma (PORTNotes)
heterotopic ossification leads to the formation of mainly intramembranous bone tissue in response to inactivating mutations in the GNAS gene. Page: Progressive Osseous Heteroplasia (PORTNotes)